Terms and Conditions

    Cancellation Policy

    In the unfortunate event that you can't make your appointment please be aware we have a 50% cancellation fee to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment (emergencies and illnesses excluded) as it is unfair to other people who are waiting for an appointment. Clients who fail to attend without providing 48 hours notice before their appointment will be charged 50% of their appointment fee. In the failure to pay the cancellation fee, recovery costs will also be charged in order to recover debt. In the failure to provide 24 hours notice to reschedule a program appointment, that appointment with be forfeited and deducted from the total number of appointments in your program.


    We want to assure you that everything we speak about is confidential and will remain within the Fertility Nutrition team, however, with your permission, we would like to write a letter back to the doctor/specialist who referred you to thank them for the referral and explain what our goals are. Please inform us if you do not want us to write back to your doctor by mentioning it to us during the consultation. Information collected will be securely stored for 7 years at which time it will be securely destroyed.


    Claudia Vavasour and Ellen Connor are New Zealand Registered Dietitians with current annual practicing certificates with the New Zealand Dietitians Board and endorsed with dietitian prescribing rights. They participate in the New Zealand Dietitians Board Continuing Competency Program, which ensures that dietetic practice is sound and follows current evidence based practice. Danni Irvine is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia and participates in their continuing competency program. 


    Payment is required prior to or on the day of your appointment. We accept Visa, Mastercard and online debit. All credit cards transactions incur a 3% transaction fee. If you are unable to pay your invoice for whatever reason, please contact us so we can find a solution


    To secure your program, it must be paid for in full or have entered into a payment plan agreement. All programs are non-refundable or exchangeable and expire after 6 months - please ensure you are aware of program inclusions at the time of purchase. If you purchase a program using our interest free payment plan offer, this is non-refundable and unable to be cancelled. Fertility Nutrition reserves the right to charge interest (3%) on late payments. It is not the responsibility of Fertility Nutrition but the sole responsibility of the program purchaser to book their appointments, and complete their program within the 6 month expiry date. 


    As we continually try to improve our services, we appreciate your feedback. We encourage you to provide anonymous feedback via our post appointment survey which will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your appointment. If you have any comments, compliments or complaints, please contact us at admin@fertilitynutrition.co.nz or +64273378811. 


    We appreciate your referrals. Please refer us to any of your friends who are thinking of starting a family, having difficulty conceiving or are pregnant.  

    Health Insurance

    Health Insurance may be available through your Private Health Insurance. Clients utilising services of the practice who are under Health Insurance will be required to pay the private practice fee and seek reimbursement back from their Insurance company; there may be out of pocket costs.